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Promotion of model enterprises

2020-06-12 13:42:41



Whether in the fierce domestic market or in the fiercely competitive international market, model companies need to constantly improve their market control ability in order to continue to show their brilliance in highly challenging marketing activities. The building model keeps pace with the times is the must-go course for enterprises.

There are a lot of Chinese model companies, which obviously puts tremendous pressure on enterprises in the process of development and ascent. In this market environment, in addition to actively refining the core value of their own brands, companies also need to formulate a clear market brand strategy. Architectural model planning has a clear strategic goal, and the marketing offensive is only targeted, so that the model can be targeted.

    With the introduction of new materials, the trend of energy saving and environmental protection is becoming more and more obvious. At the same time, the respective styles of the architects have also brought many forms and types of innovations to the building. These advanced architectural concepts integrate intelligent technology and environmental protection concepts, and represent the future trend of architectural development. The concept of low-carbon buildings will surely become the general trend in the development of buildings in the world, and eventually form an ecological and livable green living environment.