Professional mold design, manufacturing and injection molding as one

Haining Kewei Precision Molding Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, is located in Haining, Zhejiang Province, China, the existing 5,000 square feet of factory floor, is a professional mold design, manufacturing and injection molding and assembly as one of the enterprises. Kewei is your one-stop service, from the design, prototype, mold making, injection molding to finished product shipments. We have a professional engineering team, has been to provide customers with reasonable production and design recommendations to help customers save costs. Our sales team is serious service to each customer, updated weekly production schedule, so that customers can well understand the smooth progress of their projects. Mold manufacturing department uses CAD / CAM / CAE operating system, network system both inside and outside the establishment, and realization of the virtual product development, and is equipped with advanced processing equipment, quality inspection departments

coordinate also supporting advanced detection equipment, all die, all the time high-quality completion of the injection molding sector finished with a sophisticated automated injection molding equipment and a group of experienced plastic injection process engineers, quality assurance and delivery injection products. Kewei through its continuous efforts and pursuit to provide customers with more high-end service and results.